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When is Ramadan 2019 in Kuwait?

Ramadan Kareem is a month of blessings and spreading love amongst each other. It inculcates the spirit of Muslim Brotherhood in each one of the Muslims living in all parts of the world. There is a fundamental question that most locals of Kuwait have in mind ever since the start of the new Islamic year and that is "When is Ramadan 2019 in Kuwait?" The answer to this question has to be known pretty soon and well ahead of time so that as a family, you can plan how to go about your Ramadan routine this time.

Kuwait is a beautiful land of true Arab beauty and not just local, but those who just go and visit Kuwait as tourists, love the place very much. Modern architecture is also a great attraction for all who are visiting this beautiful land. Mosques, parks, malls etc. are all something which adds to the beauty of this place making it a good destination to spend Ramadan this year.  This means that tourism in Kuwait is a big thing, especially in Ramadan. People also like to spend Ramadan in a Muslim country so that all the rituals taking place in that particular region are in accordance with the Islamic injunctions related to the special duties of Ramadan. For all the tourists also "when is Ramadan 2019 in Kuwait" is being answered now.

when is ramadan 2019 in kuwait

5th May, 2019 is the tentative date given by the Kuwait government and more or less this is when Ramadan Kareem will begin in the Gulf region. This is obviously going to be an exciting time for not just the tourists visiting Kuwait over the blessed month of Ramadan but it will be also amazing for the locals too. This is why most people always want to know these days "when is Ramadan 2019 in Kuwait". Many special offers are set up at malls and people love to shop during the Ramadan Kareem time too. Eid ul Fitr is what comes up next after this month making it all the more reason to shop well.

After knowing "when is Ramadan 2019 in Kuwait" most people start worrying about other things like hosting iftar parties for their loved ones, friends, and family members, iftar and Suhoor parties are what makes Ramadan Kareem, even more, fun and wholesome as that is the true essence of the month of fasting. The reason we fast is to understand the pain of others and fast in the way of Allah. Meeting each other and greeting them with love is what we as Muslims love to do especially in the month of Ramadan Kareem.

For all those who want to make it special for their Muslim friends and family members, this is the time to enjoy the blessings of Ramadan. "When is Ramadan 2019 in Kuwait" has been answered for all the locals and tourists and this is how you can plan around accordingly. Planning ahead is always a great thing in no matter what you do in life.

When is Ramadan 2019 to 2023 in Kuwait?

Year Date Day Holiday
2019 5 May Sun Beginning of Ramadan
2020 23 April Thu Beginning of Ramadan
2021 12 April Mon Beginning of Ramadan
2022 2 April Sat Beginning of Ramadan
2023 22 March Wed Beginning of Ramadan
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